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pettyb 04-20-2019 04:08 PM

PSA for anyone around Boston
If you live in the Boston area and need a vet, do NOT to Cambridge Veterinary Care. They were listed as hedgehog friendly, and when I called they said they see hedgehogs, and since it was close by I thought it would be a great choice. The first time I took my hedgehog there was for a respiratory infection, and I already knew it was that and I basically just asked for antibiotics, which the vet gave me and it cleared up.

The second time I went was a few months later for a suspected leg injury. She had been limping for a little while and I was worried she may have broken or sprained something. I brought her to the same vet and the first thing he suggested without even examining her was WHS. I told him I really didn't think she had that, since she's very young and also doesn't have any other symptoms. He didn't examine her leg, order x-rays, or anything, he just gave me baytril and metacam and sent me on my way. The metacam helped with her pain but also made it so she kept walking on her bad leg more. I think the Baytril was unnecessary. I decided to get a second opinion so five days later I found a special exotic pet vet. (The Odd Pet Vet in Weymouth) They did a full exam, looked at her leg, tested her strength, did an oral exam, and determined they would do an x-ray. Turns out, nothing was broken and it's likely just a strain or sprain.

My point is, don't waste your time and money going to a vet that doesn't ACTUALLY specialize in exotic species. If you live in eastern Massachusetts, it is well worth the trip to the Odd Pet Vet, especially if you don't know what is wrong with your hedgehog. They are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough with their exams, and pretty reasonably priced, too! An exam there is probably much less expensive than an exotics exam at a regular vet.

Hedgiehedgehedge 05-05-2019 01:25 AM

Agree the odd pet vet is the best and are the ONLY qualified exotic vets in Massachusetts and most likely new England as a whole and I'm not just saying this because I shadow and intern there. I know the owner and head vet of the place personally from years of working with hima and him taking care of all my odd pets and you wont find a better vet than him. Dr mertz is honestly the most knowledgable veterinarian I know and the money all goes back to taking care of this great hospital. It goes back to treating wildlife and keeping the place running. Most of the people who work there are part time or volunteers/interns like myself helping keep the place going and you are much better off giving money to them than anywhere else ! In addition his prices are very reasonable and hes not looking to make money off of anyone the animals are his only priority. We just did a surgery on my hamster and it went great. Honestly I'd recommend for anyone to go there even if they live far.

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