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If you found a Whiskas Brand that met all of the food recommendations then that is great because I was unable to. What I meant with my post was that in my search for a good food none of the grocery store brands held up to what I was looking for. I see above you posted a lot of information about the chemicals and that pet food makers didn't have to post them but from what I remember the grocery store brands had Ethyoxylin, BHA and BHT clearly posted in the ingredients list of the ones I reviewed and therefore automatically went off of my list of possibilities. The ones that didn't get knocked off my list for the chemicals got bumped off for having poor ingredients, too much fat, or too high of a protein content. I don't know if you meant that there may be chemicals in the food that we're unaware of, this might be true or might not, but I'm not going to buy one if I'm 100% sure there is because they appear in the ingredients list. I looked through everything because its always more convient to go to the grocery store for a food but the foods didn't make the cut in my eyes. You may use anything you like for yours I was only explaining why I won't use them for mine.
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