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I know a breeder who had her herd tested to see if any of hers had salmonella. They all did. It's a bacteria which lives in their gut, similar to how we have a ton of different bacteria which live in ours. High amounts of it will slough off the lining of the intestines during times of stress and small amounts are likely found all the time. This is an animal which spends its nights running through its own feces. Yes we give them foot baths before holding them, but you also absolutely always need to wash your hands afterwards. You can also use hand sanitiser. If you don't and you touch your food or face or somehow get anything in your mouth then you are introducing the bacteria into your digestive system. This doesn't guarantee you'll get sick, but there's a chance. Treat them like reptiles, or raw egg. If you got raw egg on your hand you would wash it before you ate a sandwich.
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