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Default Re: New Hedgehog owner to a rescue a few questions

Originally Posted by Lady Aurora
After extensive Hedgehog research and waiting 4 months to find one yesterday I became a proud new owner of a hedgehog named Spork. I called him Spork because he is round and has points. I am fairly certain he is male as he definitely has a belly button. They think he is around 6 months old. I got him from a pet store as there are no breeders within a 3 hours drive of where I live. I say he is a rescue because the pet store kept him in the tiny tiniest cage, and where scared to handle him. At one point I know he was adopted then returned because the persons cat did not get along well with Spork.

I am an adult and live by myself so it is an ideal situation for him I also keep my apartment around 72F.

But here are my questions:
He seems to be drinking a lot of water, about a 1/2 cup just yesterday and another 1/2 cup over night, is this normal?

He also has troubles rolling over, I held him last night and when he curled up into a ball I put him down on my lap on his back, when he decided to unroll he kept trying to roll over but couldn't so I turned him over myself, could he be overweight? His tiny cage had no wheel and I doubt they let him out at all. I let him run around my living floor last night and he seemed to enjoy it. His new cage also has a large silent spinner in it, which I hope when he settles in he will use it.

For the most part he will let me pick him up. When I go to pick him up he pulls his quills over his face (but does not roll-up) and makes the chainsaw noise, but as soon as I pick him up and hold him he stops. However if I try and pet him when holding him or when he is walking around he curls right up tight and makes the chainsaw noise, he usually then relaxes a bit and just keeps his face covered but his quills are still up straight. Should I keep petting him when he does this or let him be?

Finally, I gave him a jumbo meal worm yesterday, which he hunted down and inhaled, how many should I give him a day, I know they are meant as treats so is one a day good? The food I got him is cat food that is grain free and has no Soy, Dairy, corn or corn gluten, artificial colours or preservatives. It has no more than 18% fat and no less than 40% protein. Can I just leave his dish full all the time, or should I measure it out? If he is overwieght should I get him the light food which is less then 8% fat or should I wait to see how he deals with the increased exercise opportunities?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Me and Spork
That sounds like a lot of water drinking to me, but maybe he didn't have access to lots of fresh water in his previous living quarters so he's dehydrated. Other people here will know more, I'm sure.
I don't pet mine on their backs, they don't like it. Riley likes his face and belly gently rubbed but the closest I can get to petting his spines is laying my hand flat on him when his spines are down. If I move my hand too much he gets agitated. I think some like it and some don't, maybe yours doesn't like his spines messed with.
I don't believe jumbo mealworms are recommended unless you behead them, they can bite your hedgie. Stick to the small ones instead.
Do you have a scale to weigh him? That will probably help other people on here tell you if he is overweight or not.
That is so sad he didn't have a wheel, my thoughts would be to keep letting him out to explore in addition to providing the wheel as you have. Poor thing probably has to build muscle and coordination back up, depending on how long he was in those conditions.
I'm still new so hang in there for other comments to help you, as well.
Riley loved me. Much likes me. Whyte Darkness is a large, huffing, popping ball of albino white spines, but I love him anyway.
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