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Default New Hedgehog owner to a rescue a few questions

After extensive Hedgehog research and waiting 4 months to find one yesterday I became a proud new owner of a hedgehog named Spork. I called him Spork because he is round and has points. I am fairly certain he is male as he definitely has a belly button. They think he is around 6 months old. I got him from a pet store as there are no breeders within a 3 hours drive of where I live. I say he is a rescue because the pet store kept him in the tiny tiniest cage, and where scared to handle him. At one point I know he was adopted then returned because the persons cat did not get along well with Spork.

I am an adult and live by myself so it is an ideal situation for him I also keep my apartment around 72F.

But here are my questions:
He seems to be drinking a lot of water, about a 1/2 cup just yesterday and another 1/2 cup over night, is this normal?

He also has troubles rolling over, I held him last night and when he curled up into a ball I put him down on my lap on his back, when he decided to unroll he kept trying to roll over but couldn't so I turned him over myself, could he be overweight? His tiny cage had no wheel and I doubt they let him out at all. I let him run around my living floor last night and he seemed to enjoy it. His new cage also has a large silent spinner in it, which I hope when he settles in he will use it.

For the most part he will let me pick him up. When I go to pick him up he pulls his quills over his face (but does not roll-up) and makes the chainsaw noise, but as soon as I pick him up and hold him he stops. However if I try and pet him when holding him or when he is walking around he curls right up tight and makes the chainsaw noise, he usually then relaxes a bit and just keeps his face covered but his quills are still up straight. Should I keep petting him when he does this or let him be?

Finally, I gave him a jumbo meal worm yesterday, which he hunted down and inhaled, how many should I give him a day, I know they are meant as treats so is one a day good? The food I got him is cat food that is grain free and has no Soy, Dairy, corn or corn gluten, artificial colours or preservatives. It has no more than 18% fat and no less than 40% protein. Can I just leave his dish full all the time, or should I measure it out? If he is overwieght should I get him the light food which is less then 8% fat or should I wait to see how he deals with the increased exercise opportunities?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Me and Spork
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