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Exclamation Salmonella?

So I've recently just fell on an article explaining that hedghogs carry salmonella and you need to be very careful. I've had my hedgehog for over a month and never even know this, therefor was never really careful with washing my hands after handling and that. This worries me to know if I was exposed to it. I have no clue how I didn't know this since I read books and lots of articles on hedgehogs and this is the first time I hear of this I'm now going to clean my hands way more, but I was wondering to what extent I need to clean? Should I clean just about everything she walks on and touches? I give her food baths every second day or so and to keep her warm after, I cuddle up with her in my bed on my sheets inside one of her blankets. Is this dangerous for me?

Also just out of curiosity, so they carry the salmonella on them, such as on quills or something like lizard's in their mucus stuff around them, or it it kinda dormant in her digestive system, so should be more careful with her poop and pee and saliva?
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