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Default New owner with questions.

Hello everyone, I bought a hedgehog, she was born in April, from a family that no longer had time for her when their children began school and other activities. They told me she was friendly and enjoyed people. I have had her for 5 days and I have a ton of concerns.

- She is losing quills, I find a few per day after I hold her. I thought this may be due to stress since she was taken away from her old home and around new people and smells. I don't know when I should be concerned. Her skin under her quills looks dry, I put oil on her and that seemed to help with the dryness. Her butt is getting quite thin on quills, and she is dandruffy, none of these white spots move. I can take a picture of her butt and post it on here, once I figure out how.
- When she is out of her cage on my lap or next to me on the couch she doesn't move, she just balls up or goes face down with her quills up. She does this heavy breathing(sounds like hissing) and "hops" if I try and touch her. I assume this is to detour predators in the wild.

I just want to make her comfortable and help her get used to being around my boyfriend and I. She isn't food motivated, I gave her an old tshirt of mine and she avoids it and hides in the corner.
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