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Originally Posted by Hedgieonboard
I think I remember hearing that even though it has meat as the main ingredients that it doesn't stand up against the other tests like not having carcinogenic chemicals or meeting the protein and fat % requirements
I did look at the list, and the brand has a lower fat minimum than the 15% allotted. Whiskas, which is owned under Mars, Inc. manufactures all the Royal brands, and Pedigree, as well.

Carcinogens in some pet food include Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Propylene glycol (also used as automotive antifreeze) and Ethoxyquin. The FDA/CVM requires all pet foods in the US. Information for Consumers bulletin, on their site: "the Center for Veterinary Medicine is responsible for the regulation of animal drugs, medicated feeds, food additives, and feed ingredients, including pet foods... The Act does require that pet food be truthfully labeled."

What people should be concerned with are wet cat food, as that contains raw preservatives such as Ethelyene Oxide. Most carcinogens are also in coloring, such as chromiums.

The most serious case of carcinogens actually came from a "natural" cat food: "Petcurean and Pet Food Express touted the high-priced Go! Natural pet food as a premium product that was one of the 'healthiest pet foods in the world.' We believe the evidence will show, as alleged in the complaint, that Go! Natural contained substances toxic to animals and this is why so many pets have died." It killed 13 dogs and cats.

And, after looking on the FDA website, it appears that the Nutro brand was reported as under investigation earlier this year.

^ Just stuff I took the time to look up.
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