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Default Re: Quills, Quills, Quills.

I thought maybe the quill was frozen, or cold, or something. But it could be stress related --

I feed him a high protein (30+%) diet, and a few sparing mealies on the side. In summer he used to get banana, and strawberry (which he'd annoint like mad), but because of winter he really hasn't been getting a good variety... I could fix him an egg or something, but anyway --

Someone in my family thought my hedgehog was obese, and nicknamed him "fatty", so I've been trying to cut back in his kibble amount, and perhaps too drastic. I used to fill up his bowl, so he'd run on his wheel, and run over to the food, eat, drink, and get right back on. But since I kinda put him on a "crash diet", I only gave him about/around a tablespoon of food daily.

He's not terribly fat, but he doesn't roll into a tight ball unless I play around with his forehead quills while holding him in his ball form.. :/
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