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Yeah, they do a lot of work with the local shelters for cats & dogs. Although it's not officially stated, I get the impression that things are a bit sliding-scale when he sees people that can't afford to give their animals the care they need. I wrote up a more detailed review in our vets-review section, but as I said before, I don't actually know if he's a Revolution or an Ivermectin-recommending vet (we haven't gone for mites). He is really good about taking an owner's views and input seriously -- we disagreed on food (zoos recommend food strikes me as unhealthy cardboard), but he didn't argue or push it on me when I chose not to go with it.

Good luck. I'm absolutely willing to be overruled by someone with Ivermectin experience (I wasn't even paying attention to hedgehogs when the last horror-story made it into the archives), but I think if you get through the next little while, you're in the clear. Since vet appointments are so expensive for our exotics, you might try to hold off a little bit, at least until it's time for the follow-up Revolution treatment (2-4 weeks) if they didn't give you the medication to dose at home yourself.
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