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Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
Ivomec is ivermectin. I don't understand why the vet would use both.

Did he at any time take Dumpling out of the room you were in? If not, then I think you would know if he was injected. Both the Ivermectin and the Revolution doses may have been in a syringe which was put against the skin. The picture is impossible to tell if there was a needle on the syringe but he is not curled up so I doubt it was a needle.

You mention he gave you Ivomec for cleaning the cage? Is it on the receipt?
Yes it's on the receipt. It's 1ml of Ivomec and he told me to dilute it in 1 litre of water, and spray it on all his belongings. I was with Dumpling the whole time. Is it bad to have both used in one treatment? I haven't found anything on it. Should I give him a bath to try and wash it all off (does this work?) and in a few weeks time go to a different vet for Revolution?
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