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Originally Posted by Annie&Tibbers View Post
That's a "What the [anything I write will be auto-censored, so use your imagination]?!" moment with a vet, and a reason to yell at him.

However, a topical application is much safer than an injection. It sounds like it was probably topical. And I have no idea why they would mix the two medications -- one alone should be enough. Either they used both, and charged you for unnecessary medication, or they used one and double-charged you for both, or... something weird was going on. That's not normal.

You're in Vancouver -- which vet did you go to? I've had to fight hard with Westview in North Vancouver before about using just Revolution. I had good luck going to West Arbutus in Kits, but we went for mysterious-woes, not mites, so I don't know what their attitude towards it is.

Did they give you the rest of the Revolution vial so you can do the remaining treatments yourself?
I went to Cypress Animal Hospital in Kits. Is it possible for a hedgehog to overdose on mite medication? I read reviews on Yelp and people seemed satisfied.. now I'm re-reading them again and I have only just noticed the 'hidden' reviews. People say they were charged extra, and there was a case of a cat being diagnosed with fleas, but then his owners found out he didn't have fleas later on. Which worries me even more because Dumpling wasn't losing quills, he just had white flakes and was scratching a lot at night, so now I'm wondering if he just had dry skin.
He told me to come back in 10 days if the scratching doesn't stop. Oh my goodness now I'm regretting my decision of choosing this vet.

EDIT: I realized I snapped a picture (i was excited then because first mite treatment=memories! but not so now) of one of the shots. Could anyone tell me if this was topical or not please? http://postimg.org/image/5scvyl9bz/

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