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Angry Vet gave my hedgehog ivermectin and revolution.

Hi all. I just came back from the vet with Dumpling. I went to get him checked for mites. The vet gave him a dose of Ivermectin and one dose of revolution. I've read about ivermectin and the side effects so before he got the syringes, I saw him write something that started with "Iv" in the file so I asked if that was ivermectin. He told me it was ivomec. He DID NOT mention anything about ivermectin at this point, because if he had, i would not have gone ahead with it. He mentioned revolution, but definitely not ivermectin.
(He did give me Ivomec, but the Ivomec is kind of like a cleaning solution for the cage to kill off mites).
He came back with two syringes which were the same size so I assumed they were both Revolution, then he put them over Dumpling. Her'es the thing. I know that the Revolution was applied topically, because he said so himself, but I'm not sure about the Ivermectin. I've read that Ivermectin is safer if applied topically. How do I know that it was applied topically? Dumpling didn't curl up or anything throughout the process. They were put over (in?) his quills. Up til this point, I still did not know it was Ivermectin.

I was going through the invoice in the car, and to my horror, I see that I was charged for '1 Ivermectin Inj Exotics' and '1 revolution 6mg kg pink single'.
Can you even mix these two together? I am so angry. Is there any reason that he would not mention ivermectin at all? I don't know if it was a miscommunication and he thought i was saying Ivomec strangely, but I AM SO FUCKING MAD. I even checked their website before I made an appointment there. They mention Revolution treatment, but not Ivermectin.

Dumpling is now hissy and huffy, probably from the car ride home. Is there anything I should look out for? He is 0.59 kg.What should I do???? Can it be washed off? I am awfully worried.

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