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Default Re: Hedgehogs from pet stores

As Lizard stated, I am not going to breed. I would love to when I get older, but right now I am too young. I also really want to get to know hedgehogs and their habits better before breeding.

And the hedgehog was from a family-owned store, but the family does not operate it. I think Lizard is right in saying it was from a mill. It is in a large tank, most likely 2ft x 2ft x1ft But the hedgie is inside of a 15 gallon aquarium inside of the big cage. I picked it up yesterday, and it was very sweet, but it appeared to be sneezing. I don't know if this is normal when you wake them up around 3:00 PM, but it seemed very sick.

To be honest, if trips to the vet can be prevented, I would rather buy from a reputable breeder. I understand check-ups and minor illnesses, but disease such as WHS can be prevented and are something that neither my mom nor I can watch (We watched a YouTube video showing the movement issues, they are ungodly)! We can afford a vet, but paying a few hundred dollars extra to get it from a reputable breeder that has a warranty on WHS would be easier.

Another reason I want that hedgehog was stated. Yesterday, some women came over while I was handling the hedgehog, they loved him, but I knew they were impulse buyers. Why? Because they said, "Look at his coloration! He is half albino half regular! So cute!" With that sentence, I knew they were impulse buyers. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was some sort of Pinto. They did not ask questions besides how much it cost. They were impulse buyers, especially since they do not the names of any colors besides Albino. Regular is not a color. And if they did know something about hedgehogs, they would at least know that he was an African pygmy, not a "small cute hedgehog."
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