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Originally Posted by LizardGirl
Even if that particular hedgie goes to a good home, where will the one that comse to fill his place go? The pet store is bound to get another once what they have is gone. .... iZim never mentioned breeding or even getting another, I'm not sure why you brought that up.
At least that's one little hedgie going to a home that will love him/her permanently. That alone should at least warm people's hearts. Just because someone adopts a cat or dog at a pound, doesn't mean another dog or cat will take it's place. One animal at a time. It's honorable to adopt an animal in such a situation, than through a breeder, imo.

I mentioned breeding, because honestly, that's the only drawback I can possibly think, that involves rescuing a hedgehog. If they don't plan on breeding, ever, a hedgehog in this case, then I don't find the harm in saving an animal. I'm not supporting her to breed; I was just saying that if she doesn't plan to breed the hedgehog, which she shouldn't due to lack on lineage.
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