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Default Re: Hedgehogs from pet stores

We can afford the bills and food, we just can't find an hour in her hectic schedule to make time to drive all that way. I can certainly devote my time to caring for the hedgie and playing with the hedgie, it is just that she is trying to get her college degree, so it is pretty hard to find some free time, and when she does have some, she is running us everywhere for sports, school, and other activities.

And I realize they are lying to me, although I believe it meant the day it arrived at the store, but I think it said Date of birth. It still had decently sharp quills, yet it appeared to have been fully weaned and it also appeared to have been through the quilling process.

As for time, I think the soonest I can go that far is Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, where my mother wants to go to Venice Beach, Florida. I may try to get her to visit Beach Bum Hedgehogs while we are there, so this may work out.
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