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After talking to you in chat, I think your best bet would be to wait until your mom (or yourself in a few years) is capable of going to a good breeder like Hurricane to get a hedgie. Wait until you are in a financial situation where you'll be able to afford the supplies and vet care that come along with ownership.

If the pet store told you the hedgie is 39 days old I would stay far far away because they are either lying or the hedgie is in desperate need to get back to its mother. They are weaned at 6-8 WEEKS, and if this is the hedgie you told me was there last week or the week before it was far too young to be away from mom.

Practically all pet stores know nothing about hedgies and are only trying to make money. Don't support them by buying a hedgehog there, they will only get more and treat those badly too.

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