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Default Re: Help! Harveys hibernating won't wake up

Yeah I put the lights on when it gets dark an turn them off when I go to bed I think the room was just to cold for the CHE to heat the whole cage but I moved him to my room (the warmest room in the house) and I put a heating pad under the cage on the side his bed is on I'm also going to cover the bars of his cage on the sides to keep heat in better (got some about good advice about how on chins-n-hedgies) I've checked him a couple of times today by sticking my hand in his igloo and he is his usual huffy self I took him out once as well and his belly is nice and warm I'll keep a close eye on him for the next week

It took him about an hour of being under my jumper with blankets over him untill he woke up I was so relieved when he did (this is my first experience of a hibernation I was convinced he wasn't going to wake up)
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