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I will definetly look into getting her more quiet at night then changing her over. Thank you for the information, i though i might be missing something.

Also, her wheel is probably the noisiest. Here's a picture of the one I have at the moment, should I get a quieter one? which are the best?

Also she digs at the corners, under her fleece blanket which is corrugated plastic cardboard, which somehow seems to come off very loud. Any suggestions to prevent her from digging there? I've tried to put heavier things on top but she manages to push them off and go back to digging.[IMG]C:\Users\Valérie\Dropbox\Camera Uploads\2013-11-17 21.23.08.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]C:\Users\Valérie\Dropbox\Camera Uploads\2013-11-17 12.41.25.jpg[/IMG]
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