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Agreed with Abbys. It's not healthy at all to change the schedule of any animal to the opposite of what's natural for them. Like Abbys said, it's very stressful for them. Occasionally an animal will adjust their schedule on their own - there are some hedgehogs that get up for a little bit during the day on their own, and I know I've read of one or two that seem to have switched their own schedule around - if they've chosen it, it's likely not a huge deal, as long as they're getting the right amounts of light. But it does not work out the same way if you're forcing the change on them.

Is her running the noisy thing or is it the wheel? Commercial wheels like the Comfort Wheel are pretty noisy. Bucket wheels are generally very quiet and the noisiest thing is the hedgehog's feet pattering along on the wheel, which isn't too bad. What is she digging in that's very noisy? Could you perhaps prevent access (if she's digging under her liner, for example), or change something (add more fleece scraps if she's digging in to get comfy for bed, etc.)? Another room may be the best option too, if it's possible.
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