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Some hogs are just more of a diva than others! If you haven't already...try putting a worn Tshirt in his cage (close to where he sleeps is good!) to help him become familiar with your scent. Their eyesight is poor so they do depend heavily on their other senses.

I wonder if the smell of your other pets bothers him. I'm not saying they "smell" but hedgies' noses are pretty sensitive so it's a possibility. Try bonding with him without the others around to see if maybe that's an issue for him. It may it or it may not be.

For treats...my school of thought is to just keep trying! My hedgie refuses mealworms so we were on a quest to find something else to be able to use as an occasional treat. I've tried tons of stuff. He would touch a lot of it (apples, strawberries, bananas...lots of things that many hedgies like were a no go for my Henry). The ones we found successful include baby foods, chicken, salmon, and hard boiled eggs. I only give him some if I happen to have it for dinner or something but he really loves them...and never sees it coming!

Some hedgehogs just take a while to adjust to their new home. It's often best to let him (at least believe!) he is running the show. Let him explore your lap or on the couch or wherever he can safely roam so that he learns for himself he is not in a threatening environment. Lots of nights Henry is out he spends the entire time just sleeping in my lap...I let him do what he wants! Henry is usually great but even still he has his moments. Patience...lots of patience!!

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