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Default Not so friendly hedgehog.

I know this topic is common but I thought I would ask and describe how my hedgehog is. Pippin isn't what I would consider a really grumpy hedgehog but I don't have previous experience with them. I take him out every day, when I go to get him out he sometimes he curls up and hisses but when I let him smell my hand he calms so I can get him out. I take him out when I take my rat and rabbit out, I want to take him out alone but they get a bit jealous and want out as well. Even if they aren't out though, all he wants to do is sit in my lap, he'll let me pet him or stroke his nose most of the time but he usually hisses first, doesn't spike though. He'll also sleep in my lap, especially if I stroke his nose from a while. I haven't read anything about hedgehogs being very fearful animals, a bit jumpy with loud noises but he seems a bit too scared. He seemed to get scared and went to bite my shirt like he does a lot but he instead bit my finger, he doesn't usually bite not since he was a few months old. He has adjusted to the other animals a bit more over time but after about seven months he seems like he should be a bit better with everything. I was just wondering if there were anything I could be doing differently? He doesn't like many treats I give him so those don't seem to help much. I've read about a few people carrying their hedgehogs in little pouches so they're out more and getting used to things, could that be a good idea? I just want Pippin to be as happy as he can be so any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks! [:

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