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Ah, yes it would. Are you planning on keeping him? I can't remember if you said you were or not. But if you are (or if you're keeping him for any length of time until he finds a new home), he needs a better heating set up.

You need a thermometer to know the actual temperature of the cage. You need a CHE bulb, not a heating bulb like you have now - the light can & likely is keeping him from coming out at night. Some hedgehogs it doesn't bother, but many do not like it. A CHE (ceramic heat emitter) bulb is a flat disc, with a knob coming out of it where you screw it into the lamp, and it's solid white or black, not tinted glass. It's usually found with the reptile supplies, and it'll be a bit more expensive. Make sure the lamp you have is rated for use with a CHE though - they need a porcelain socket in order to handle the heat from a CHE, otherwise it's a fire hazard.

You also need a thermostat to plug the CHE lamp into to control the temperature. Otherwise the temperature will fluctuate depending on the room temperature. A thermostat will turn the CHE on and off as needed to keep the temperature at whatever you set it to. Make sure it's a thermostat, not a rheostat (which just dims the heat, doesn't actually control the temperature).

Even if you're not planning on keeping him long, he needs to stay warm, but also be able to come out & eat at night. So it'd probably be best to get a cheap space heater or something to set up near his cage, and to stop using the red bulb. Alternatively, you could buy the CHE set up & return the parts after he moves on, if it's within the time span for returns at the store you go to.
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