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Originally Posted by LuckyLucky View Post
It was a very loud chittering noise which he makes when he is scared
Do you have a cat or a dog that you may have handled before handling your hedgie?
He maybe freaked out by the smell? It may also be possible that he caught one of his nails in the threading of your pants or shirt and it startled him a bit.

I've only heard 3 kinds of hedgie sounds so far.

A soft, cute whistle usually made by babies when their mom is wandering around.
A loud, cat-like screech that usually happens during breeding time when a female is unwilling or not in the mood.
And a faint, bird-like chirp that i heard twice when i disturbed my hedgie's sleep lol

Originally Posted by LittleWontonPoo View Post
Really? I did consider them having bad eyesight, but Wonton seems to know when she's on the edge of the table or couch and would stop and "inspect". If she's on my lap, she would do the same thing, but she knows she is not too far from the couch and it is safe to slowly slide down.

I suppose they do have poor eyesight, but they are not so poor that they are nearly blind?
They're not blind. They're eyes are very sensitive to lights and shadows as well as very movement-oriented. As for their depth perception, they're good with breaking a downward slide but they seem to fall a lot, vertically. Lol..

i have this one extreme choco female whose about 9 months old now and she usually escapes her bin at least once a month, between 3am to 5am and falls down, 3 feet high. I placed a carpet and some old clothes around the stand so she's cushioned every time she falls.


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