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I like to blowdry Wonton now that it's getting colder. I don't like her smelling like a wet hedgie while snuggling in her blankie either, haha. You can opt for that option if you feel more comfortable and confident with the hair dryer. Her belly dries in literally 2 minutes! Her quills are not too big of a concern for me though, because most of the time, it seems like the water is stuck in between the quills, and not actually on her.

Some things to note if you choose to blow dry:
1. Be cautious of the temperature of the air that's being blown. I give a good distance of foot or two from Wonton.
2. The heat setting should be WARM. For my blow dryer, it would be the medium heat. It will be redundant to put it on a setting that cool air will be blown. That will maybe even cause your hedgie to catch a cold instead, and that is counter-productive, haha. Of course hot air will be bad for the hedgie. :P
3. The speed of the fan (I actually don't really know what to call that setting, haha) is put on low for me, because the noise level will not be too irritating, and you wouldn't want your hedgie to experience something similar to strong gusts of wind!
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