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I have a cold bathroom also and warm it up a bit before Sophie's baths. She gets mini-baths three times a week. I wouldn't be too all worried about 68 - 69 degrees. More important is that the water be warmish (not hot, but not cool) (a 'warmer, warm water' makes it more likely that they will poop and pee in the bath - which can sometimes be a useful 'diagnostic tool').

After her baths, Sophie gets 'me time' in her hedgie sack in my office. I don't worry too much about drying her off. Her back and quills don't really hold water. However, her belly fur holds A LOT of water, so I 'squeegee' her belly fur with a fleece square before putting her in her hedgie sack. She won't be totally dry before going back to the cage, but she'll be close enough.
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