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Default Hibernation? Deep sleep but no other symptoms.

Pig has been sleeping really deeply lately, and it's happened enough that I no longer think it's coincidence. When he's asleep in my shirt, I can pull him out, shuffle him around, take pictures with flash, talk to him and poke him, and THEN he starts to wake up. He's dreaming through all of this: feet and ears twitch, he smacks his mouth, and squeaks.

It's happened 5 times in about 5 weeks, but there are no other symptoms which is why I haven't acted on it. But the lack of other symptoms is suspicious to me.

- His tummy is always nice and warm when I check, and the cage temp is stable between 74-76 (any warmer and he's uncomfortable and sleeps under his wheel)
- Same light schedule
- Once he's awake, his energy level is the same
- No other strange behavior
- Wheeling is normal
- Food and water consumption is normal
- Poop is normal

He's always been a heavy sleeper, but I don't understand why he would suddenly start to sleep so much more deeply. I want to take him to the vet but I don't even know what to ask for. Could this be a form of hibernation even though everything else is normal and it's been going on for a pretty long time? Something worse? What am I missing?
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