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Another update:

Reggie's skin didn't improve at all after the Revolution treatment. Even though I know it takes time to work I became worried that mites weren't the issue after all. He is on fleece bedding, there are no other animals in the house, and his bag of food was frozen for three months before we began using it. These all suggest to me that an external parasite isn't likely.

After lilymommy's comment about a yeast infection I became rather convinced that was the issue. (as we have used flaxseed oil on him in the past, and got a little carried away last time )So he went back to the vet today to get a fungal culture done. Several quills fell off while there as well as many skin flakes. The vet placed all the quills and many of the flakes into the culture. Results will take up to two weeks, but I am hoping this resolves his problem once and for all!

I don't know what I would do without all these experienced hedgie parents on the forum. It can be hard to find a vet (even an exotics vet) who has a much experience as everyone here does!
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