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My hedgie Ernie recently had a bacterial skin infection poor little guy! So this was my whole experience: it started out quite mild. He had some dry skin that was progressively getting dryer and flakey, initially I assumed my little guy was quilling (as the timing was right) however I started getting really concerned the day I took him out and his quill loss was in the double digits ( like 20!) after a closer inspection I saw bleeding, inflamed and pus pockets around some of his quills, needless to say I took Ern to the vet the next day. Turns out he had a bacterial infection....the vet prescribed two types of antibiotics, I know one of them was metacam for sure, but can't remember the name of the other. After his round of antibiotics he healed up wonderfully! Some of the weak and damaged quills are still in the process if falling out and new ones are now growing in, thankfully! Hope this helps a little!
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