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No runny nose, no wheezing, and no sneezing. I never heard her sneeze before, or I just don't know how a hedgie sneeze is supposed to sound like. Haha. And nopes, she doesn't do the weird breathing noise in the litter pan anymore. It's more prevalent in her sleeps now, actually. T:

It was never too big of a concern before, because I took it as her just having sighs or having hedgie dreams. Now it just looks like she's getting mini nightmares. I noticed that she likes to curl up when she does it though. It's a different sound from hissing, that's for sure.

She has been eating way more, actually. Haha. I call her a big fatty, because she has been finishing all her kibbles even when I gave her more. She is more active than ever at night, making a huge racket running on the wheel, and waking me up. ):

I guess Wonton just likes to snore in her sleep. I'll call that strange "noise snoring". HAHA

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have URI, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks though!

**Just searched up on youtube of sneezing hedgies. Nopes, never heard her sneeze. Hahaha. :') Hedgie sneezes are cute though.
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