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Thanks for the update! I've been thinking of your little Bug and sending positive thoughts!
I have a very picky eater too, the ONLY thing outside of her kibble that she will touch is the Chicken baby food in a jar. I finally got her to try the chicken and sweet potato baby food for a little variety. Might be another thing to try to at least get her to eat SOMETHING. But you also want to be careful to not introduce or offer too many different things, that could cause more tummy upset.

Keep us updated on the progress! Its also useful for others to read and learn from your experience.

Oh, and... welcome to the forum!

*Edit: side note about the stinky poop, I can't let Thistle eat fish anymore because fish makes her poop knock-you-on-the-floor-stink!
So that could be another reason adding to such a strong smell

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