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did the inhouse test as well as the lab tests, all negative. tried feeding her probiotics and she wont touch it. i have tried over 10 different kinds of wet cat food and dry cat food and she wont eat that either. i will try the natural balance chicken next to see if she likes it. i take her out for about 2-3 hours a night to feed her tilapia and worms and try the oxbowl as well as to put antibiotic cream on her butt because she is all sore. trying to keep a barrier between the feces and her open wounds is extremely difficult, because she does not get up to poo anymore just goes where she is and lays in it. i have put absorbent pads in which help alittle and then the cream and it seems to have helped her skin some. i leave chicken in her cage at night and she usually eats it (i stopped leaving fish in there because it made my whole house smell of rotten fish by the morning) she has started eating the chicken left in there at night. but she has started to lose weight again as of yesterday. Will try the natural balance and see if she likes it.... its a day to day battle with my little Bug thank you for the suggestions im going to try them tonight and ill post again tomorrow
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