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Default Extended Diarrhea

I am at a loss to figure out what is wrong with my hedgehog Bug I have had for for a year. got her from a friend of a friend who could no longer care for her, she was previously a classroom pet for kindergardeners and was never handled. She is now a very handleable bundle of prickles that i adore. She has had diarrhea now for over a month! Have been to vets who all have no clue whats wrong with her. 3 fecal smears negative for ALL parasites, blood cultures normal except lack of nutrition from not eating, xrays normal with no anomalies. I work with animals on a daily basis as well and cant figure this out. She is a very picky eater normally even more so now. Put her on an anti parasitic just in case and a round of antibiotics with no change. she only ate eggs for a while, then only chicken, now only tilapia (and wax worms) got oxbowl critical care force feeding via syringe. after this 2 solid stools. but now she spits out the oxbowl- no matter how far i put it down her throat she waits until i put her down to refill the syringe and she spits it up when im not looking (she's a smart little bugger). she wont eat yogurt anymore either. wont eat squash or pumpkin. she has been slowly gaining weight now that she is eating tilapia. but VERY slowly. her normal weight was around 320 or 330 she was losing almost 10 GRAMS a night at the height of the sickness. she went all the way down to 200grms and has been slowly going up but with no change in stool. It is so frustrating to not know what is wrong with my little one. she is still fighting and therefore so will i but i want this to stop! does anyone have any suggestions?!!
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