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Thank you for your response, I shall put the idea's towards my vet. I presumed that a skin scraping would be the first thing she would do but it was never put forward as an option. I don't know if you will know but after taking to a breeder I know and trust she says that the symptoms and gunk like skin that falls off sounds like Necrosis on the feet? She suggested giving Cookie a Epsom salt foot bath.

I rung my vet today and explained the current situation, unfortunately she was fully booked. I was told I could come, sit and wait but she called out to a local zoo on a emergency. So because there is not another exotic vet for miles she wrote Cookie a prescription for some more Metacam and a course of Enrofloxacin that I was able to pick up.

But I am still not getting any clear answer on what she has. Again I was offered a biopsy and I would if I could but I find it ridiculous that it would cost in the region of 300 and more if she had to be monitored over night, which is dependent on how well she would sedated.

If you know anything on Necrosis please let me know, the vets are as vague as ever.
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