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hi there.

Well we have 3 dogs and a bunny, the bunny lives outside though, but the 3 dogs live in the house and the hedgie had his own room upstairs so hes kept in there all day in his cage. Its away from the dogs so they cant stress him out, its also so he can have the room at necessary temperature without the rest of house having to be at same temp and its so he doesnt get disturbed too much by loud noises, i.e the dogs barking etc. I've never let the dogs interact with the hedgie and i never will just incase. i'd never forgive myself, one little move and it could be horrendous, but they live easily in the same house together.

the other questions have been answered above.

Although you have suggested in your post you're putting your hedgie in a tank? its not a great environment for a hedgie, there are loads of posts on this topic all over the forum, alot of people are very against tanks for them for various reasons, im not experienced enough to say anymore, but thought i'd warn you and suggest perhaps looking into a cage of some sorts, look at housing and accessories in the forum and it'll give you loads of ideas, and cheap ideas which will be alot healthier and better for your little hedgie.
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