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Default Re: Hedgie Questions for a Future Hedgie Mom!

wow those are a lot of questions. Good for you for getting ready before you get your hedgehog. Lots of people wait till after to learn about what kind of a pet a hedgehog is.

So you know the forum has a search function that is helpful (sometimes). It is on the very top of the page on the right hand side. I find it more useful to do an advanced search. I'll answer your questions in brief anyway but you should also do a search and read all the stickies (the posts at the top) in each section.

1. Cats and Dogs. For the most part cats and dogs cannot (or won't) hurt a hedgehog when it balls up. There are exceptions to this and caution is always necessary. The hedgehog cage will need to be in a room that the dogs and cat do not have access to when you are not there to directly supervise. There are mixed opinions about letting cats and dogs interact with hedgehogs. Some say the risk of injury to either party is too great to ever let them have even minimal contact. Others (myself included) say that with great supervision and training of the dogs it is possible for the animals to have contact even if they don't really interact. It will of course depend on the dog and the hedgehog. If the hedgehog is stressed by the presence of other animals then I would not let them have further contact.

2. Out and about. Yes they are ok but you have to hedgehog proof. No access to kitchens where they can get behind fridges and stoves and get lost, or to furniture which they can crawl into and get stuck (no joke this happened to me. My first hedgehog, when I was in highschool, crawled into the springs of this rocking swivel arm chair I have, I could not get him out for a really long time. I had to turn the chair over and bend the springs but I almost didn't find him in the first place). No wires. No steps or ledges to fall down. Most people have a playpen or a hedgehog proof room. You kept saying tank. I just thought I would mention that tanks are not good things to keep hedgehogs in they should be in a cage or a modified storage bin. Search the forum for more info on why tanks are bad.

3. Feeding schedule. That one is really up to you. I would start by feeding two or three table spoons of food a night. See how much he eats. If he finishes it try giving a bit more if not lessen it by a little bit a night until he comes close to finishing it. Whatever amount you end at feed a bit more than that. I always feed Quigley at night before I go to bed (1 1/2 tbls). some people feed twice a day (in the morning and evening) Treats he may or may not eat so don't have any expectations. Quigley gets meal worms (about 4/night) 4-5 nights a week. On the nights he doesn't get worms he gets one cricket.

4. There is tons of information about baths and info differs for a hedgehog who is quilling. Most people bath once every couple of weeks or once a month. You should use an unscented oatmeal shampoo for people (lots of people use aveno). Put a pea sized amount on a tooth brush and gently scrub his quills with it. Some people bath in the sink some in the tub. I like my little rubber made storage bins. They are just the right size for him and are really easy.

5. Quilling. Not much experience with quilling. I got my hedgehog as an adult. But it is when a young hedgehog looses it's baby quills and grows in adult quills. It apparently really hurts and has been compared to teething (which I get because wisdom teeth - ow!). I don't know much more about it than that.

RIP Quigley, I miss you my little grumpus.
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