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Default Re: SALUDOS DESDE MEXICO! (Greetings from Mexico!)

Originally Posted by shetland
Awwwww, thank you so much for the photos. He is just so handsome. And that hat-well, he wears it well!!!!!!!!!!!
Why, thank you! I think Rorschach blushed a little reading that XD And yes, he's really handsome ^o^

Originally Posted by LarryT
so cute and funny as well
Thank you LarryT!

Originally Posted by Godzilla Girl
I love the hat! I am going to use those pictures to prove to my husband that Nigel would look adorable in a santa hat.
I bet he would! Hedgehogs + hats = Epic Wic!

Originally Posted by FiaSpice
Hola, nice erizo! he's so cute with the little hat
Muchas gracias! ^o^ I know. It's hard to find a hat that size, so in the end we took one from a little decorative chile we have XD

Originally Posted by jopenguin
Greetings! I love the hat.
I keep looking for something cute for halloween.
Me too!!! I'm thinking about a little bat costume! With little wings and everything! If I manage to do it, I'll post the photos

Originally Posted by krbshappy71
WELCOME!! Thanks for the cute pictures.
For Halloween I bought decorative Kleenex boxes for their cages. Am going to do that for each holiday. Cheap!
You're welcome! Decorative Kleenex boxes? I loved it!
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