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Default Spoiled or Uncomplicated?

It's such a fine line between knowing whether my boy is spoiled, or he's just uncomplicated
I have been blessed with the absolute epitome of an uncomplicated hedgie, and I love him all the more for it! Litter training, bonding and traveling have been a breeze, but feeding is definitely where the spoiling comes in.

Shinjy is the most non picky eater ever. He eats everything I give him, or he will try it at least once. He's eaten seafood(shrimp, crab, lobster, fish...All steamed), chicken, turkey, cherries, pumpkin, apples, pears, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt. mealies and wet cat food are a given.
He tries everything I give him...As long as I hand feed him...With his spoon Although, with anything he sniffs and ignores, I get my mealie tweezers and stab it to hand feed him and he'll gobble it right up. ^_^ Yes, he recognizes the tweezers and thinks there's mealies there, so I'll sneak in a mealie between fruit feedings I found that it's been the best way to get him to try new foods. He knows what tweezers mean, and because of it, he'll eat whatever is on the tweezers, whether it's a mealie or not!
So does this make him spoiled because he gets his treats hand fed, or purely uncomplicated because I can give him anything and he'll eat it?

I have even brought him to a friend's house and he would sit in my lap, begging for food! With his nose out and wiggling, as he waits for me to give him pieces of steamed crab Every time I look down at him, he's looking back at me giving me his most brilliant toothy smile and his nose wiggling in the air. ^_^ I wish I took some pictures of that lol

However, here's a few pictures anyways, and yes, he is shiny lol He just had his foot bath and flax rinse ^_^


I love his nose ^_^

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