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Default Re: Two hedges in one cage...

any hedgie that is old enough to wean is old enough to be sexually mature..so if Spiff has been away from his mom for more than a few days....he is old enough to breed a female..and females can be sexually mature from as young as 6 weeks, but becoming pregnant at that early age is both dangerous and unhealthy. From what I remember Spiff is over 6 months old...which is when some breeders start using males in their breeding program, he is definately sexually mature. Male hedgies don't need company, in the wild they are solitary animals. Two males housed together will fight most of the time, usually to the death. If you want a second hedgie you need to keep it seperate, not even allow play time between the two. Sometimes 2 female hedgies can live together, but alot of times they can't, but males can't have a playmate.
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