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Dear my little cuddle-dork, (Meeko)

When you crawl up my shoulder and lick the back of my neck, it may be oh-so cute but I do have to take you down from there because it tickles and I don't want you to fall. I promise I'm not just being a big meanie-pants.

Your worrywart mommy

Dear little grumpy pants, (Truffles)

Just because I take out your wheel does not mean it is gone forever. I promise I am just cleaning it because you have absolutely destroyed it with your poops and I WILL put it back. Also, you can bite and huff and puff all you want, but I know you are realizing how much I love you after the rough life of mean owners you have had. When I hold you in a little ball in the palm of my hand after I have managed to clip a few nails, you look at me and I can see the love in your little beady eyes.

Your lovestruck and cleaning mommy
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