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Still many places call them "Rodents" when they are more closer to dogs, the four rules I put up previously is for Alberta only, and there isn't really any punishment for not following it. Hedgehogs can't live a herbivor diet, and most pet stores think that hedgehogs are herbivors which is false information, also pet stores tend to think they need a mineral stone as well, which again is false... I have a small one that I give to Sonic once a week so he can chew on it a bit, though not for long since too much salt can be very toxic.
I am saying their treatment of many animals is right, but PJ's is better then some other pet stores I have come across.
Also is it just me or has PJ's started selling only "Super Mealworms" rather then regular and the super mealworms. I went to get some more yesterday, and all they have is Super mealworms and that's all they can order from the supplier?

The main reason why I got Londonderry to change is mostly thanks to you guys and my connection with the store manager, she got a hedgehog and noticed that their food is really poor quality. Also Pretty Pets really does taste like cardboard...
I think they should change but for some like West Edmonton Mall it will take a court order and/or a lawsuit filed against them via the board of Animal Rights for anything to be done about this issue...

Its not just for hedgehogs though, even Guinea Pigs I have seen put into very small cages.
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