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Default Re: Bad Hedgehog Conditions in Pet Stores

Those are some pretty lame rules. But the PJ's in my area doesn't even have a wheel in their hedgehog's cage

The problem that I have with pet stores it that they put hedgehogs in the small pets section (which ok technically they are) which leads people to believe that their care is similar to that of say a hamster or a rat or a guinea pig. When really it's completely different. They need a heat source, they need insects (preferably live) in order to have a balanced diet. To me they are more similar to reptiles than they are guinea pigs or other small pets. I think this is a big problem because people who are in the small animal section looking for a small tame snugly pet buy hedgehogs without really knowing much about them, and thinking that they will be just like a rat etc.

RIP Quigley, I miss you my little grumpus.
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