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I would say there are many pet stores that think they are masters of pets, though there are some that will cooperate when given imput from pros like you guys I got PJ's pet store in my area to change and it wasn't too hard. The stuff they where feeding Sonic when I got him was Dietary Hedgehog Food, quote "This food has been modified for FAT Hedgehogs, and does not meet requirements for regular hedgehog growth." If you want I could get the stats for it as well. Plus they were using corn kob since it was cheap, now I got them to change it to aspen and if they are older the 8 weeks the hedgehog gets his own cage. This wasn't me change the cage issue, they had two hedgehogs fight to the death, and it was the store manager that changed this. They did also change the hedgehog food to something a bit more better, though its not the best... Anyone know how one can get Spikes Delight in Alberta?
PJ's Pets Londonderry doesn't do their own breeding, though the breeder does do it for money so I don't think she worries about having bros and sis mating which as we all know is wrong, plus she currently has no license to breed. Currently here you only need license to sell, and the laws about selling exotic pets are not strict enough here, the most they can be fined with is $500, and that would be on the 4th offense of breaking the animal act, though if it were dogs well there is no limit. Sometimes just talking with the store manager will make him change sometimes you get people that are so stubborn that you have to take legal action to change. I admit I am still an amatuer when it comes to hedgehogs, but some of the things many pet stores do it WRONG!!!

Keep in mind if you have a PJ's Pet Store in your area, there is really not too many guide lines on hedgehogs. The only ones are:
1st: has to have a wheel of any size. I have seen some places that have some so small only a babe gerbil would fit.
2nd: has to have food and water provided at all times. Usually they go for what is the cheapest and has the most supply.
3rd: has to have a house that can fit at least 2 hedgehogs. Though with the ones they use ventalition is a major flaw that can be easily adjusted by drilling some holes in the side and at least 4 on top.
4th: has to be in the store for at least 24hours before being sold to get used to surroundings. This fourth rule is commonly not followed since hedgehogs are very popular in my area, and most of the time if they don't stay for 24hours usually they are very aggressive, and don't bond so well.

Those are all the rules they have to follow in PJ's Pet Store Alberta, they may differ between provence/ state.
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