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Default my struggle to get my ltitle girl

Hello my name Is Jaime and I am hoping to be a new owner of this adorable little girl I have found she is 6 months old and she is a cutie pie one problem though. My grandmother who I live with doesn't want any more animals. All i want for christmas is my very own hedgehog. I offered to pay for everything all my job saving hours and all the money I have to get a hedge hog I am only 13 and I really want one I have 50 dollars and 66 cents saved up for the cage and the supplies and the rest of my Christmas money is going towards its food and my little girl does anybody have any good points about hedgehogs I can do use to convince my grandmother to let me have one.also there's another point to think about I'm only 13 so it's not easy to get reasonable jobs.That pay good
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To be honest, I'm going to say something you don't like. I understand that you really want a hedgehog right now. But unfortunately, you have to go along with what your grandma says, since you live with her. She's the boss of the house - if she doesn't want you to have a hedgehog, there may not be much you can do. I know you said that you have some money saved up for a cage, but $50 will only buy a cage, and possibly not even that (or it would be a cage that is too small). There is a LOT of money that goes towards a hedgehog. A wheel is usually $20. A heating set up is expensive, usually $50-100. What about food? A good quality food is $10-20 a bag. Who would pay when your hedgehog needs to go to the vet? Vet visits are especially expensive and can be up to $500 or more very easily. If your grandmother doesn't want to pay for that and you don't have the money, your hedgehog is the one who will suffer and pay for that.

If your grandmother doesn't support you getting a hedgehog, I'm afraid to say that I don't think you should get one right now. I know it's really hard. I want a hedgehog right now. But I just can't afford one. I know I can't, and I know that it wouldn't be fair to get one & not be able to pay for vet care. So I'm waiting until I'm in a better position to get one. It would probably be best for you and your future hedgehog if you wait until you're older, possibly even until you've moved out. I know that's a very long time in the future. But if you really want one, I think you'll get one someday. You have plenty of time to be able to own & enjoy hedgehogs. It just doesn't sound like now is the right time. I'm sorry to give a disappointing answer, but I hope that you'll keep this forum saved and continue to read on here so that when you can get a hedgehog, you'll be more than prepared with everything you need to take care of them.
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I know it is the right thing and I know they do require allit of maintenance some times my grandmother did say this year for my birthday I can have one bease my job pays minimum wage so every week I get a pay check of about 40$ I now have more money because I did side jobs so now I have 340$ and I get paid again this week she also offered to take her to the vet for me I would have to pay her gas money and pay for the bill aND I plan on haveing lost of food and money saved up for my little girl so it's just one step at a time to Waite she said yes but for your bith day so I am happy and thanks for the advice Evan though it did sound a little harsh you did give really great advice
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I really don't want to sound mean but I feel I need to share my opinion on this.
I'm not that much older than you, so I know how hard it is to save up to get a hedgehog.
I managed to save more than £500 for my hedgehog's cage and her(she cost 150, the cage about 350)
Even though I had all that money saved I waited a year and a half until I got her because I needed to focus on other things, like finding a suitable vet for her, choosing which foods to buy her and trying my best to learn everything I could about the species themselves. Only then did I look for a breeder(which took a while) and finally got my girl.
A hedgehog isn't a cheap pet. My hedgehog's wheel cost me almost £50.
I'd just like to say to you, do not get a hedgehog until you're 100% sure you'll be able to pay for all the expenses, like vet checkups and medicines if your hedge does happen to get ill.
Also, I wouldn't go looking around for a hedgehog until you have everything for her. Like I said, I bought my hedgehog's cage etc over a year before I actually got my hedgehog.

I just want to make sure you have everything sorted out and that you'll be able to afford everything you need for her and that you'll have a little bit of "vet money" saved, just in case your hedge does get ill.

(Also, I agree that the time for you to get a hedgehog doesn't sound like it should be at the moment.)
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Another thing to remember is what is going to happen when you get older and perhaps you want to go away to college. Just saw a thread about someone who is going to have to leave their pet at home while they go away.

Please think about what you might be doing for the next 4-6 years. You won't be in the same stage of life you are now.

Just some things to think about.
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I think most of us seem to agree that right now may not be the right time in your life for a hedgehog. BUTTTT with that being said, I do have some good/helpful news! Purranah made me think of it.

I literally got my hedgehog on a whim. WRONG CHOICE. But hear me out. I saw a hedgehog in person for the first time one day. I literally came back the next day and got my baby. At the pet store I got her at (the breeder works there twice a week and always brings some of her litter there) they had a "hedgehog cage setup" for $150. So I thought.. wow. Hedgie for 220, set up for 150. Bam. Done. I did it. Now, my wallet is regretting it.

My breeder loves her hogs. She does free nail trimmings because she genuinely enjoys seeing them. My hedgehog has great temperament and the breeder gave me her number when I first got her, told me to txt her any time with questions, etc. With all of that being said... I did not realize at the time that some of the things that were supplied in the hedgehog set up were NOT recommended. I ended up replacing the wheel, which was a comfort wheel, with a CSW wheel. I had to get a different heat bulb because the one with the set up emitted a red light, which isn't recommended. I purchased at the time hedgehog food, which also isn't recommended. Even the cage, which was fine/appropriate, I ended up replacing because I didn't realize that with everything else inside of it, it was just way too small. (But to be fair, this breeder also did give me some great advice too.)

Moral of the story: I bought everything on an impulse because I really wanted this hedgehog. If I had waited a little bit and done some research, I could have saved the money I spent on all of the things I had to get rid of, because I could have just bought the proper equipment to begin with.

I know it really sucks to hear, but just take your time, slowly buy everything your hedgie will one day need, and when you do ultimately get your hog... well.. you were meant to have that specific hog.

Good luck!
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I got my first hedgehog by accident. Someone I knew had found a craigslist add for them and bought one on a whim...then discovered it was a small, angry, spiky rat thing. She never held him, had him living in a tote on her kitchen table (small and drafty area) and was feeding him junk cat food. I visited one day and basically begged to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me take the poor baby.

I had NOTHING and easily dropped $300 on an emergency run to the pet store (based on information from reading this website and what I could find RIGHT THEN).

My Cody stayed a fireball his whole life, and was prone to medical issues. He was an albino with major skin issues and picky food issues. It was an uphill battle to get to any level of comfort between us, and I spent a LOT of money on vet bills for him. I had him for four years, and then he very suddenly died. As in I had him out the night before, the next morning I noticed his wheel hadn't been run on, and he had a massive seizure and died that afternoon.

I adored my angry boy and it has taken me almost six months to finally find a reputable breeder and get a new spike butt.

Wanting a hedgehog because they're "cute" does a disservice to the hog. A $50 setup does a disservice to your hog. I spend that on food alone every month. Cody's vet bills ranged from $200-$700...a pop.

I am not going to say "probably." You are in no way shape or form in a position to properly care for a hedgehog. They need more than you are financially capable of providing. Please don't put another hog in rescue because you don't like that answer.
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I know your feeling. It took months of begging to get my birdies at home. However, I was able to afford them and I was supported by my dad. However, someone else mentioned the college question. I'm currently in college, and I couldn't bring my birdies with me because they're loud and don't travel well.

Hedgehogs aren't birds. I knew I wanted a hedgehog last year when I still lived in the dorms. However, dorms don't allow anything other than fish (which I cannot keep alive for the life of me. I have a fish death curse). I knew getting a hedgehog and keeping it partially illegally would be selfish, and not fair to the hedgehog. I had no job and no way to care for it. It has been a year, and I finally decided the time was right to get a hedgehog, and I'm picking up Moyo on Saturday. I made sure both of my roommates in our (pet-friendly) apartment were okay with it, and made sure I had enough money to pay for it. Then it was set.

My dream pet is an African Grey Parrot, though I don't have one because I cannot take care of it or afford it right now. One day I will. I've wanted an African Grey for years! (My birds are cockatiels)

The point is: Now isn't the time to get a hedgehog. Actually, you're 13. I think it might be better for you to wait. They are adorable little balls of spikes, but are you absolutely POSITIVE you can take on the responsibility? The set-up ended up being more expensive than I expected, though I was lucky that I had extra money put away. Will you? Patience is the sign of a good pet-owner. I'm sure you would be a loving hedgie mother, but it is best to be patient for the day when your grandma might support you! Love the pets you have right now. There will probably be a hedgehog sometime in your future.
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Another thing is that it is important to get a hedgie from a good breeder. I believe that they are much healthier when purchased from a reputable breeder.

They have taken better care of the mother--they know she is pregnant and she gets good nutrition.

Someone who is a backyard breeder or has a "surprise" litter probably did not provide the mother with proper prenatal nutrition.

It may cost much more to get a hedgie with a pedigree back 5 generations, but in the long run, your hedgie will be healthier and not prone to so many problems that plague some of these other hedgies--like they come to you either pregnant, not eating, with mites or sores and sometimes too young. I remember when I went to pick up my girl, the breeder had another hedgie that was not ready to go yet, she was the 6 or 8 weeks, but not eating well on her own and Gail wanted to keep her with her mother for a bit more.

My hedgehog Nara is now over 4.5 years old, she has her own room, I make her meatballs by hand, she gets the best of everything, because I am way older and can afford to give her everything to let her THRIVE instead of just doing the bare necessities. When she had some bleeding, I had her into the vet the next morning and paying for the tests, xrays and surgery cost about $500, which was not a problem for me.

All of us don't mean to sound mean, but you really have a long time to be able to have a hedgehog in the future when you have the money and experience to provide for a happy healthy hedgehog.

I also think owning a finicky cat helps you prepare for a hedgehog. Wait, all cats are finicky!

I was thinking that they are like toddlers or husbands, but you are way too young to have either.
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I don't think she's going to come back on again.
Hopefully she does though, because all of you supplied very helpful information!
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