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latte.the.hedgehog 10-15-2018 01:02 AM

Meet Latte and Pumpkin
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Hi everyone. My name is Jen and I have 2 hedgies - 1 year old Latte and 2 month old Pumpkin. We live in Southern Japan. I did the thing you shouldn't: I got them both from a pet store, rescued, in my opinion. The last thing I want to do is give the horrific pet stores in Japan my money, but it's not the animals fault that they're stuck in those dirty cages, no wheels or even hides to make them feel safe.

Anyway, they're both boys and they're both in their own cages that are double the size of the awful cages they were in before. I spent a small fortune on Etsy getting fleece liners, snuggle sacks, and tunnels shipped from America and the UK. I've enjoyed turning their cages into small mansions and researching obsessively on this site about proper diet, bathing, temperature care, etc. They've improved my lonely life here in Japan so much and I am thankful for my boys existence each and every day.

Pumpkin is on the tail end of a URI that I was sure was going to take his life. He was so weak and not eating, so I fed him A/D wet dog food through a syringe every few hours and after 3 vet visits from 2 different vets, got a prescription of baytril that I've been administering twice a day for the past 10 days. I need to call the vet and ask when I should stop the medicine, because although Pumpkin is wheeling for 3 hours a night and eating regularly, he still sneezes and sounds a bit congested.

I'm thankful for you all and the fact that you share your knowledge on this website. Your wisdom has certainly improved the lives of 2 precious little boys in Japan.

lilyluna 10-15-2018 10:11 AM

Wah! They’re so adorable! Hi, Latte and Pumpkin! Is there going to be a Spice soon? (Bad joke, I know...)

latte.the.hedgehog 10-15-2018 08:13 PM

Oh don't worry, Pumpkin's middle name is "Spice" hahaha.

PiccChicc 10-18-2018 08:18 PM

Omfg, they're so cute. Look at those little fangs, lol.

shetland 10-21-2018 03:56 AM

TOOFERS and teenie hedgie legs!!

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