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flamingdawn13 02-15-2017 08:11 PM

Hi! Mites or Quilling? Both?
Hello! I got my pet hedgehog, Starlord, a few months ago and he was veryyy shy. Soon he was opening up faster and so on. But a couple of weeks ago (1-3 weeks?) he started to get shy and grumpy again along with very dry skin, the poor little guy, and then I noticed an increase in quill loss. I did research prior to getting him about quilling, mites, care, etc. but after Starlord actually started loseing quills I got worried and checked for mites by letting him hang out on a black T-Shirt of mine and watched his skin flakes for awhile and none moved or jumped. His spines fall out with the bulb on the bottom and some skin crust ringing around it. My mum got a good look at/play with him last week and became worried for him, now I am second guessing my self haha :roll:. Every few nights I would drip coconut oil on his skin and behind his ears to help with his dry skin, we picked up some flax seed oil capsules today and I'm going to try those on his skin when I take him out tonight. I can see quills poking through his skin (jeez it looks like it hurts) so I know he his quilling but is there any other ways to tell if he does have mites as well? How to treat them if he does? (I apologize for the long thread I'm not used to forums :lol:)

Poppy_the_hedgie 02-16-2017 01:18 AM

Is he scratching frantically? Mites can be treated with Revolution. Bring him to a vet just to be sure.

flamingdawn13 02-18-2017 06:10 PM

He scratches occasionally for a second or two. I hear him do it maybe once or twice a night? Ill set him up for the vet and ask about revolution. Thanks!

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