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Default Re: Bad Hedgehog Conditions in Pet Stores

I got really mad one time at a pet store in the town where my parents live.

It was not about hedgehogs but about the mice. I was watching the mice play, they looked healthy and happy and I was satisfied until I saw that there was a male in the cage with a group of females. I got really upset. I found a guy and asked him if he knew that he had a male in with the females. His response.
"yeah we did it on purpose, people want to buy pregnant females"

Are you kidding!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. If you were buying mice for your kid or even for yourself and had never owned mice before would you really be prepared for a litter and a bunch more mice than you had planned for. How much you want to bet that the store employees don't warn people that they are buying pregnant females. Not to mention that the females are probably too young to be having babies in the first place!!! And that if any of them have babies before the employees notice they are pregnant the babies will be eaten by the father. GRRR!

I put down my purchase and walked out without buying anything.

RIP Quigley, I miss you my little grumpus.
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