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Angry Re: Carefresh & Mites

Originally Posted by HedgeMom
If you buy your Carefresh from a store that carries live animals or a store that warehouses in unsanitary conditions, you run the risk of mites.

I did buy it from both PetSmart and PetSupermarket & both sell animals.

The hairless rat has no mites and neither does Herisson. They both just got a drop of Revolution in case they are carriers and all will have another drop in 3 weeks. The disinfection of all 3 cages, accessories and bedding was very time consuming. I also threw away some items that could not be cleaned properly. Well worth it to end this cycle!

I called the vet for the name of the nasty critters.

Here it is: Radfordia ensifera

http://ratguide.com/health/integumentar ... asites.php

Thank you for the well wishes to Mr. Cheesy! We all appreciate it.
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