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Default Re: Carefresh & Mites

I do love carefresh. I use it for my mice, not my hedgehog but they are in the same room so this concerns me somewhat. I know that lots of people use it without issue but I had never heard of the freezing thing before. My freezer is definitely not big enough to fit the carefresh bag.

I wonder if anyone else has had a problem with carefresh and mites. My vet told me that Mites are dormant in most hogs. He had cases with people where the hedgehog was the only pet, it was on liners and they were super clean, hedgie gets sick or stressed and the immune system can't keep the mites dormant anymore so they pop up, even though the hedgehog could have come into contact years before. Owners are usually perplexed about where they came from.

Are you sure care fresh was the cause for your rats. I'm not sure if mites stay dormant in rats but if they do it could have been any number of things that the rats came into contact with over their lives. I'm just speculating of course and will care fully consider switching off the care fresh anyway.

RIP Quigley, I miss you my little grumpus.
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