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Angry Carefresh & Mites

This is just my experience with Carefresh.

We started with one rat who got a case of mites after using Carefresh for a few months. After he got a second round of mites I read on a rat forum to always FREEZE it for 48 hours to kill off any mites/eggs. I stopped using it and switched to Soft-Sorbent. I liked it a lot and had no problems with it. We got Herisson and another rat, a hairless one after all this. Mites are very hard to get rid of and today the same rat was diagnosed again so now I had to treat my other rat & Herisson. The vet thinks that even though they are in separate cages in different rooms with no symptoms, they could be carriers. It's spread by the hairs and my kids hold each others rats. The animals are never exposed to each other directly because one is a fighter. Reveloution for all 3 and a repeat dose in 3 weeks. Disinfecting all cages and accessories . Thankfully I switched my rats to liners a month ago. Everything washed in hot water/dryer. I know some of you love Carefresh so I felt I should share this lovely story.

Another reason liners are the best!
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